Ayurveda Yoga Therapy 

Wether it is diet, exercise, meditation or yoga, the question is what is the right practice for us individually ? How can we address our real needs on a daily basis. Ayurveda has been recognizing for thousands of years that each person is unique. Food that is wholesome and nourishing for one person can be harming to another. As each of you is completely unique Ayurveda recognizes  that even in Yoga what can bring great nourishment to one person can be harming for another. To know what pose you need to feel balanced, nourished and supported in your uniqueness is what makes Ayurveda Yoga such a powerful practice. Therefore we need to know what will work for us, what type of Yoga, meditation and pranayama is balancing for us, what type of Yoga should we follow and what particular poses can help alleviate certain symptoms in body, mind and spirit to bring harmony to our life. 

For optimal health we require an individual diagnosis and treatment plan that addresses our individual needs, not a general Yoga class. By incorporating Ayurveda into your Yoga practice we gain a proper understanding of our unique nature so that our Yoga practice is relevant to who we really are and to our particular condition at the time of practice. 


Ayurveda Yoga Therapy 6 week small group classes - 6 x 75 min  classes  $90 

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Private classes 90 min class 

1 AYT - Private class $120

5 AYT - Private classes $500 ( save $100)