Moving from Summer into Autum

 Ayurvedic routine to reduce vata 

As we move from the hot and dry Pitta season of summer into the windy, cooler, light Vata season of Autumn, a time were leafs drop off the trees and storms arrive, the natural guidelines for autumn revolve around pacifying vata dosha. 


  1. Try and wake up before 5:00 am when the air is clear and calm and the birds are still resting, there is an extraordinary peace and silence at that time of day 
  2. A perfect time to sit in meditation for 5 - 10 min before massaging your body oil
  3. Oil Massage 
  4. Hot shower/bath
  5. Yoga Asana - good postures to pacify Vata are : Lotus , forward bends, backbends,  Vajrasana ( sitting on heels ), Spinal twist, camel, cobra, cow & cat, shoulder stand & headstand, Sun Salutation a min of 12 rounds and a max of your age ( you may have to build up to this) Finish your Yoga session with Savasana for at least 10 min. Sun Salutation aid in detoxification in combination with twists to create some heat and moisture in the body, tissues and muscles. 
  6. Have some breakfast - eat some warm and moist breakfast like oatmeal, cream of rice/wheat/tapioca or any grain that will help settle Vata - avoid dry breakfast like toast & cereal.  Lunch / Dinner  steamed vegetables, rice and mung dal kitchari, any soups, stews are great and add some ghee. Avoid Salads , cold drinks, coffee, alcohol, black tea after dinner , Drink herbal tea in the evening like fennel, cumin, or ginger cinnamon glove tea. Avoid fasting during autumn as it creates too much lightness & emptiness in the body that will aggravate vata. 
  7. Dress warmly enough indoors and outdoors, stay warm, on a windy gusty day cover your head and ears
  8. Go to bed around 10 PM - drink a cup of warm milk ( almond /soy ) adding a pinch of ginger or cardamon will help with digestion during sleep and sooth and relax your body
  9. An excellent way to remove Vata in your body is panchakarma ( detoxification program ) during the time between summer and autumn - see your Ayurvedic Practitioner for more information