The 3 Gunas in Yoga & Ayurveda. Part 1 : The qualities of the Gunas

SATTVA - Still Lake 

 Guna is the subtlest quality in nature and exists in all human beings, in various grades of concentration and combination, moving in different physical, emotional and mental levels. Basically, they are three qualities that compose the universe.
The personality of an individual is not only a function of his/her constitution but also of his/her Karma. As Samskaras create personality tendencies and determine on a fundamental level how a person will react to a situation. Samskaras exist to assure the opportunity that people will create circumstances in their lives that allow them to learn the lessons of there Karma. According to Ayurveda it is so possible to determine the general state of a person's consciousness . Ayurveda uses the language of the GUNAS to express that state. 
The 3 states are : 


The state of the Gunas present within a persons consciousness is reflected in the mind. The dominant Guna is a reflection of the evolution of the soul as it grows from ignorance to awareness to transcendence. 

SATTVA - STILL LAKE - lets you look inside the lake and the clouds reflect on the surface.
clarity, purity in the mind
mind and consciousness are unattached to the physical world ( surrender own ego)
sattvic individuals don't get caught up in stories and dramas of the world
sattvic individuals know they are god 
full of faith , non judgement and unconditional love 
Sattva happens within not outside
RAJAS - RIPPLED LAKE - like a rock that has been thrown into a lake it has highs and lows on the surface and inside the lake
turbulence & activity brings distractions
believe that we are body, mind and senses
may be caught up in dramas of self improvement and may be unhappy
may be physically and emotionally disturbed
mind is always moving with climses highs and lows
TAMAS - THE MURKY LAKE - like stirring up the mud at the bottom of the lake 
darkness, inertia, ignorance
individual has forgotten true nature in spirit
Ignorance is a thin veil that may break emerging in stress and trauma 
little self awareness, self inquiry or deep thinking ( deep feelings are repressed) 
the mind is dull and ignorant of its connection to god therefore light is obstructed
This will give a bit more inside on the qualities of the 3 Gunas in the next issue I will be providing examples for our daily lives like FOOD, WORK, YOGA, RELATIONSHIPS, PLACES, PEOPLE and how the Gunas interact with the Doshas in an individual .