5 Ayurveda Tips on how to stay balanced during the Holiday Season

 It really seems that the season comes each year earlier, some of us love this season some of us don’t. How are you feeling these days? Are you feeling the pressure when going to your local grocery store, anxiety and sleepless nights by overindulgence of your senses , dry skin or pain in your body, may be your routine is off and so is your schedule. Or are feeling filled with love, energy and gratitude ? Well,  Ayurveda can help you stay or get back on track as it addresses all these aspects. Ayurveda as the mother of all medicine can keep you connected to your body, mind and your spirit. 

During this Vata season (Air & Ether) specially for our west coast it has been very dry and cold. This Vata time of year brings a lot of movement, lightness and dryness not just into our body but also into our mind. Our 5 senses are over stimulated by, holiday music, sugary foods and alcoholic drinks, conversations and online gift shopping, not enough time to nourish ourselves.

I noticed myself a shift and completely forgot to take care of myself to nourish everyone else around me. It always helps me to ask myself these questions.  

Ask yourself these questions:

What 3 things can you do for yourself this Holiday season to stay balanced physically, emotionally and mentally? 

Where would you like to direct your energy to this holiday season ? 

How can you achieve this ? 

5 Tips to help you stay present and balanced

Breath slow and deep

close your eyes place one hand over your heart and one hand over your navel. Feel the natural breath flowing in and out of your nose. After about 10 cycles start to breath a bit deeper into your lungs and heart, feel this area and breath out gently and fully letting go of stagnation, blockages around your heart after 10 cycles take the breath gently from heart into the belly slow the breath down, slow the exhale down and relax for 10 more cycles.

Your breath is directly retaliated to your mind, slowing and deepening your breathing will calm your mind and remove mention from your body. 

Eat warm soft home cooked meals

 Eating whats in season, what the earth is providing will help you stay on tract with your digestion. Stews, Soups, Root Vegetables, Bone Soups, Diary, Nuts and Seeds will provide you with the oils and moisture the body needs to stay healthy. Stay away from dry foods, cold foods and anything that is too spicy , as it will dry you out even more. 

Drink warm drinks and limit alcohol

 Drinking warm drinks like warm lemon water, teas, chai teaand spiced milk it will keep you warm and remove toxins from your system. If you can't stay away from alcohol add a little to your favourite hot drink. 

Have a warm sweet oil soak 

 If you don't have time to give yourself a warm oil massage you can try this amazing SWEET SLEEP OIL SOAK - from the book “Your irresistible life” by Madhuri Philips and Glynnis Osher

This makes enough for 4 bath

1 cup of Epsom Salts

1 cup of Sea Salt

1/4 cup Sesame Oil

1/4 Almond Oil

20 drops Geranium EO

5 drops Clary Sage EO

5 drops Sweet Orange EO

Mix together and store in an airtight container glass jar. Use 1/2 cup aromatic oil soak in each bath. 

Give gratitude

We can easily forget all the things we have we are grateful for. We can get carried away by the consumerism and advertising. If you feel this overwhelm, stop, give gratitude for everything you feel grateful for in that moment. Write it down in a journal if you like this way it has a stronger energy and vibration.