Are you bloated, have gas or a sluggish digestion? How do you eat your food ?

When I look around at restaurants , cafes and diners I notice many people are on their phones texting, or doing work on laptops and tablets while eating. How will this affect digestion, nutrient absorption and our energy we take from the food?  Sometimes it is more important how we eat our food then what we eat. Ayurveda Medicine understands that eating is one of the most sacred experiences we have. After all, when we eat our food, we are taking in the atoms and molecules that have been around in different forms since the beginning of time and asking them to become a part of us. If we eat our food properly, with awareness and respect, the food joins well with our bodies, cells and tissues. If we do not toxins also called ama will build up causing poor digestion, gas and bloating and even disease.

Remember that food is medicine and therefore be conscious of how you take in your food. By practicing healthy eating guidelines you could eliminate many symptoms.  Here are 5 tips for you to try next time you enjoy a meal. Also think about how the food came to your table in front of you, all the way from a seed to the table or from the animal being born, raised and prepared. How many people it took from the farmer to the cook to the waitress or the cook at your home. Why not take a moment to be grateful for everyone in that chain who made it possible for you to have this meal. We should also teach our children what it takes to grow and prepare food and to be present when we eat it.

  • Give gratitude or grace for the food by closing your eyes and taking 3 deep breath this will prepare the body to receive food
  • Eat in a clam environment with no cell phones, tv, radio or computer to be present when you are eating
  • Chew your food properly this will help absorption of nutrients and aid in digestion
  • Eat at a mediate pace until you are 75% Full and satisfied, overeating the cause of many diseases in our society
  • Allow for the food to digest for 15 -20 min before going on with your next activity if you are in a rush close the ritual by taking 5 deep breath 

Remember that Food is medicine and you eat to receive nourishment.