How to keep your skin healthy this summer

Pitta-related imbalances include sunburn, rashes, acne, and a hot temper. Try these cooling, ayurvedic skincare tips when the temperatures rise.

Natures Footbath

walk in the morning dew barefoot, this will refresh your skin or the your feet, draw prana ( life energy) up from the soles into your body. Done every morning this will keep you cool, calm and refreshed throughout your day.


Juice fresh cilantro and drink two teaspoons three times a day. Apply the cilantro pulp to your sunburn; it’s cooling and soothing. Aloa Vera Gel is also cooling for your skin when burned or you can try Cucumber juice or yoghurt for cooling your burnt skin.

Bug Bites 

One of my teachers Dr. Vasant Laad suggest applying equal parts tea tree oil and neem oil (available online) to itchy bug bites. Neem oil is aslo a great bug repellent. It works I tried it ....