Onsite Corporate Yoga classes at your workplace


According to a recent Poll 80% of people feel stress on the job, and nearly 40% say they need help in managing stress. Yoga classes in the workplace enable employees to stretch and de-stress in the convenience of their office, eliminating travel time to classes.

Yoga helps create a positive, productive and energetic workplace.

The performance of a corporation depends on the performance of its key assets – its employees. Healthy employees are happier, more productive and cost effective.

Yoga classes usually take place in a boardroom or multi purpose space and are taught by our certified yoga instructors. Classes may be held in the morning, before work, at lunch time or in the early evening after work. All our teachers are internationally accredited and certified for 200 hours with Yoga Alliance , with $2 million professional and public liability insurance.

A typical corporate yoga class runs for about an hour and includes relaxation, asanas, breathing techniques and tips on how to reduce stress, minimizing health problems associated with sustained periods of time at a computer screen or sitting at a desk. 

Classes can be customized to suit your companies philosophies, staff needs and requirements and range from the slow and meditative to energizing and active.

We discuss how to prevent hand-arm injuries and eyestrain, and what to do about backaches and fatigue.

Our techniques are accessible to most people regardless of their physical fitness and can be performed during the work day. Yoga can be used to invigorate and revitalize during long conferences or team building days. 

  • Improve employee’s health.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.                                 
  • Provide happier and more productive employees.
  • Increase mental alertness in the workforce. 
  • Demonstrate to employees that they are valued.
  • Boost company morale.                                      
  • Promote a sense of workplace community.               
  • Help employees learn to use and replenish their own inner resources.

Yoga improves flexibility, strength, reaction time, problem solving skills, builds concentration, motivation, reduces physical and mental stress and tension, reduces absenteeism, and lowers blood pressure.

Take a break and stimulate creative thinking by incorporating yoga into your work-life balance.


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