Hatha Yoga 

Hatha Yoga from where the physical postures derived, has its basic principles acquired from tantra. Hatha Beliefs in the creation and union between opposites: Male & Female, hot & cold, sun & moon within us. Hatha also means forceful and willful, while Yoga means union. It takes discipline and effort to harmonize and unify opposites (body & soul). Sequences of asana (postures) are designed to transform the physical body and to achieve enlightenment or bliss. The postures purpose also aims to open channels in the body (nadis) to release energy and to flow freely. This class is focused on alignment, while we also learn to balance our effort and surrender in each pose. Hatha yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. It asks us to bring our attention to our breath, which helps us to still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment. A great class for all levels 

Hatha Yoga are a great classes to support Vata and Pitta and Kapha 


Vinyasa Yoga 

Vinyasa means a gradual progression or a step-by-step approach that systematically and appropriately takes a student from one point and safely lands them at the next point. It is sometimes described as the "breathing system," or the union of breath and movement that make up the steps. Vinyasa Yoga is practiced by linking postures together, the asanas are presented in a sequence, flowing one to the next. The practice focuses on aligning one’s breath and spiritual intention with movement in each pose. The best type of breathing for a vinyasa style class is Ujjayi, it is a Sanskrit word that means “victorious breath. Many levels are presented int his type of class.

Slow forms of Vinyasa Yoga are great for Vata and Pitta 

Faster and more vigorous Vinyasa Yoga is balancing for Kapha 

Chakra Yoga 

There are seven chakras, or energy centres, in the body that become blocked by long-held tension in the body, mind and spirit.  But practicing poses that correspond to each chakra can release these blocks and clear the path to higher consciousness. Each chakra is associated with particular functions within the body and with specific life issues and the way we handle them, both inside ourselves and in our interactions with the world. As centres of force, chakras can be thought of as sites where we receive, absorb, and distribute life energies. Through external situations and internal habits, such as long-held physical tension and limiting self-concepts, a chakra can become either deficient or excessive—and therefore imbalanced. In this class we may explore 1 of the 7 chakras or all of them during the class. We will be practicing asana, pranayama and mantra techniques to draw awareness to the corresponding chakra to balance them. This is a great healing practice and to get connected to yourself . All levels will be provided.

Is great for all Doshas , Vata, Pitta and Kapha


Yin Yoga 

Only a handful of postures will be done during a Yin Yoga practice. Each class starts with meditation and will move into a full Yin practice working on the connective tissues of the body, energy meridians and organs. Each class can be customized to each individual needs. Each Yin posture will be held for up to 5 min with a 1 min rest afterwards or a counter pose. Props can be used to deepen a pose or make a pose more accessible to each person, however Yin Yoga begins when you feel you want to come out of the pose. You will open up the body, energy channels but also learn more about yourself on a deeper level. All Levels welcome. 

Balancing for Vata and Pitta 

In a warm room balancing for Kapha 

Restorative Yoga 

Restorative Yoga helps to  relieve the effects of chronic stress in many ways.  The use of props as offer  a completely supportive environment for total relaxation. Each pose is very supportive and comfortable and will allow for up to 7 min to release tension that is stored up int eh body, mind and spirit. Each class you will explore your spine through supported backbends, while others are forward bends. Additional poses gently twist the column both left and right using supports such as bolsters, blankets and blocks. This practice restores prana in the body so you feel relaxed and at easy . All are welcome . 

Balancing for Pitta and Vata 


Yoga schedule Sept. 2015- Jan. 2016


9:15 am Flow Yoga at Believe Yoga in Pitt Meadows  

                                                                  For classes at Yoga Generation please click link above 

                                                                  For classes at Yoga Generation please click link above 


                                            For classes at Believe Yoga Studio please click the link above

                                            For classes at Believe Yoga Studio please click the link above

9:15-10:15 am Hatha Yoga Believe Yoga Studio - Pitt Meadows 

                                               For Classes held at Epic Yoga please click the logo above

                                               For Classes held at Epic Yoga please click the logo above


9:00-10:00 am Chakra Yoga (Epic Yoga Studio, Maple Ridge)

10:15-11:15 am Hatha Yoga -( Epic Yoga Studio)

4:45 pm Yin Yoga at Epic Yoga Studio, Maple Ridge

7:30 PM Yin Yoga at Haven Yoga in Abbotsford


                                                    For classes held at Haven Yoga please click here to register

                                                    For classes held at Haven Yoga please click here to register

9:00-10:00am Hatha Yoga ( Epic Yoga Studio)

10:15-11:15 am Soma Flow Yoga ( Epic Yoga Studio)


12-1pm Hatha Yoga - Yoga Generation Coquitlam ( beside Coquitlam Center)

Saturday / Sunday

Workshops and Retreats 

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